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RSL has a manufacturing facility to produce De-Oiled Extraction & Edible Oil, at Sheoganj, Rajasthan. The company has a Solvent Extraction Unit of crushing capacity - 300 M/t Per Day. The Company also has Oil refinery having capacity of
25 M/t Per Day.

The Company’s factory unit is spread over 43.000 sq meter and It has go-down capacities for storage of :

Raw material (Mustard Oil Cake) : 4,000 M/t
Finished Good (De’Oiled Cake) : 1,000 M/t
Finished Good (Edible Oil) : 380 M/t

Mustard Solvent Extraction Processes - An Insight

Solvent Extraction

The Oil cakes obtained from expellers are cleaned to remove impurities like husk,
stone particles etc, through pre cleaner and de stoner which are further fed to the Cracker Breaker to make small pieces.

These cakes are then fed to the solvent extractor. In the solvent extractor food
grade hexane is sprayed through the cake to extract the oil content (7 to 9%) out of the cake.

This wet DOC is further fed to De solventiser Toaster to evaporate hexane
particles and oil particles.

Output of the toaster section at bottom is De Oil Cake and is separately collected,
conveyed and packed in Gunny Bag or PP bag.

Evaporated particles/ Miscella (mixture of oil and Hexane) is fed to distillation and
recuperation section to depart oil and hexane.

This recovered hexane is recycled in the process.

Solvent extracted raw grade oil is required to go through degumming and refining
to produce refined oil.


Crude oils having relatively high levels of phosphatides may be degummed prior to

The process generally involves treating the crude oil with a limited amount of
water to hydrate the phosphatides and make them separable by centrifugation.

Board Of Directors

Mr. Sampatraj .P. Jain Managing Director
Mr.Pukhraj.P.Jain Wholetime Director
Mr. V.M.Kini (B.Ex) Non –Executive Independent Director
Mr.Sohanlal C Jain (B.Com, L.L.B) Non –Executive Independent Director
Mr. Mangilal R Jain Non executive Director
Sandeep U Jain (B.E, MBA) Non executive Director


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